When bad things happen to good people

BrokenbrainBrilliantmind”s blog helped me much through the past five years. If not just to tread water, I don’t feel that I have made much progress. But without at least one person reflecting the real you or your experience of life, I doubt that I’d make it afloat in these deep waters all alone. The sail boats passing by, I wave to and they wave back sometimes but a few blogs on wordpress have been my companions that tell me. “it’s ok”.

Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind

The road ahead is not always clear The road ahead is not always clear

Oh, this is upsetting. My neuropsych is having potentially serious health issues, and we won’t be meeting next week.

The upsetting thing is not so much that I won’t get to meet with them. It’s that they are having health issues. Their situation is not certain. You like to hope for the best and stay positive, but with the healthcare system as it is, you never know…

I really got thrown for a loop yesterday. When I first talked to them to cancel our appointment, I was fine. I was feeling very positive and supportive, and I think I helped them feel better. I made them laugh a little, which always helps. Then I took a nap later in the day, and when I woke up, I was very, very sad. Because if something happens to them, so they can’t work anymore, I…

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